What causes wind?

Wind develops when air masses move from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. So, a change in pressure caused by changes in weather causes wind.

Wind can make a pleasant temperature feel cool

and a cool temperature feel cold.

Wind can make an easy task a challenge,

a challenging task all but impossible.

Wind can adversely affect virtually any outdoor activity. A picnic is not so so tasty when the paper plates fly off the table. A campfire is less cozy when the smoke blows in your face. Lighting a grill or lantern is a pain when the match keeps blowing out. Watching a kid’s ball game is far less fun when you’re getting blown away. And simply sitting outside to enjoy the day no longer appeals when the wind blows too hard.

That’s why there’s Wind Warrior.

Wind Warrior is a 10’ x 6’ portable wind block that sets up in a minute, without tools, and redirects the wind so you can enjoy being outdoors.

Made of a special tight-weave 420 denier nylon fabric and secured by a lightweight but ultra-strong steel framework and plated stakes, Wind Warrior will easily withstand consistent winds of 35 mph and gusts even stronger than that.

Position Wind Warrior just upwind of your outdoor activity and you won’t believe how easy it is to get out of the wind or how pleasant it is to be out of the wind.

For lighter winds, spread Wind Warrior wide. For stronger winds, increase the angle. To increase coverage area, connect additional Wind Warrior panels.

Wind Warrior features/specs

Engineered to withstand even the strongest everyday winds!


Premium Wind Warrior fabric

  • Special tight-weave 420 denier nylon fabric with water-resistant urethane coating stops the wind
  • Stretch-resistant, so it won’t flap
  • UV-resistant, so it won’t fade
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • 60 sq. feet of wind-blocking surface area 10' x 6'

Easy-to-assemble lightweight steel frame (no tools required)

  • Telescoping, lightweight, heavy-duty steel poles
  • C1008 full, hard, cold-rolled steel construction; powder-painted
  • Injection-molded polyethylene connectors
  • High-density polyethylene tapered thread
  • No-break, high-impact copolymer locking nuts

Heavy-duty steel support stakes

  • One end fits into pole, other end penetrates into ground
  • Stabilizer plate makes pushing-in easy, serves to support Wind Warrior without the need for guylines
  • Drill holes in frozen ground/ice for cold-weather use

Heavy-duty over-sized storage bag for transport


No tools required, no parts to lose

  • Assembles in just 60 seconds
  • Easy to move if wind direction changes
  • Set up wide for moderate winds; narrow it for strong winds

60 square feet of wind-blocking surface

  • Expandable: Increase wind protection by connecting additional Wind Warrior panels (not included)

Tested to withstand winds over 35 mph

  • Uses no guylines